Rise To Action 3

So there have been many a question about a RTA3, and if there was to be another. Well after quite a bit of thought (more than I care to mention), RTA will be aiding at least one more time.

I should though give a little detail, as things won't be 100% to what came before. In the previous iterations, I have ran myself ragged with tickets, advertisements and the like, so much so that I didn't get changed out of my work suit after work and went and delivered leaflets (which some thought I was a door to door salesman, which was funny, because I was wearing my walking boots at the time). It got to a point where I was in my house for eating, then falling asleep. It wasn't healthy time, as there was a lot of takeaways, probably getting on par as what was eaten over lockdown.

Therefore RTA3 is going to be a better experience for me, but what has changed? To begin with advertisement. It was a big problem, and I really don't want to got through the pain to get no additional people coming through the door (yes that's right, all that posting, and it brought no one in!). I'll be doing the sound completely this time. Last time, DLS pulled out right before, due to the Monks' not allowing us into the room when we wanted it, and caused me to almost pull my hair out. Continuing with Monks', I wasn't a happy bunny to say the least about them, so it won't be held there this time. Where though? Even I don't know that yet. It depends who can offer what is required for this type of event.

So yeah the line-up will likely change, like last time. Though something I learnt from last time, having a lot of artists and lots of varied genres works better for everyone who comes along to watch. I will be asking the vast majority of people who did the previous RTAs. There's a possibility of livestreaming, however it will unlikely happen. Though recordings may be on the able. I'm not sure if we will be doing another raffle though. It depends on the venue and the like.

I hope that you look forward to this, as we want to raise more money than last time, and if we get more through the door, the more we will raise.

(Metal Micky - 2022/FEB/04)

Rise To Action II

A night to remember and enjoyed by all. A little stressful at the beginning of the night, but it finished being one of the best nights of my semi-professional musical career. We set out to raise awareness and a few funds for Epilepsy Action, and I believe we achieved it with flying colours. Our target was to raise £715.71, and we achieved £1108.55. Do I need to say more? Oh okay...

We had 12 solo/duos of the best in the North-West playing at Monk Sports Club. Everyone were on top form and gave their all to make an unforgettable night. We had people from all over attending our event, singing, dancing and making noise from the outstanding performances from everyone playing. To that end I cannot thank enough the following:

Kath Hilton;

John Hilton;

Adam Leah;

Neil Sanders;

Junior Davies;

Gareth Heesom;

Chris Hilton;

Matt Dunn;

Nat Hickman;

John Thomason;

Janet Wilson;

Chris Manasseh;

Matt Healey;

Matt Leyland;

Dom Guile;

Monk Sports Club;

And, everyone who attended and/or donated!

I couldn't of done have done this on my own, and I am forever grateful for the help and support. There was a lot of talk afterwards from other people about doing this event annually, to which I do need to say unless something drastic happens to change my mind, this was the last Rise To Action festival. I am overjoyed with how people enjoy and are asking for a third event (some even asking for an annual event!), however as many musicians say "leave them wanting more".


Enjoy a few snaps that were taken on the night (below) and I hope to see you the next time I'm out playing! 

In the meantime remember to: Keep Rocking!

(Metal Micky 2019/Oct/07)

Rise To Action


The 2017 Rise To Action has been and gone. We raised £715.70 for Epilepsy Action. The event went better than I ever could of dreamed. All the acts we absolutely brilliant, and were on the best form I've ever seen them.

We have had a lot of requests for repeating the event next year. This is not confirmed as of yet, however it is looking like there is a 60% chance of it happening again. If you are interested, can you please let us know. If we know how much support we have, we will be more inclined to hosting another evening in 2018. Please get into contact through our facebook page.

Rise to Action was a massive success, two new band members joining in 2018, and to top it all off I finally get a bit of rest.

 I'd like to thank all the acts for such an amazing night. A massive thank you to DLS for supplying the sound for the evening, it sounded absolutely amazing. I've been saying it every day since, everyone was on top form and the best I've seen them and they were:



Suzie and Nathan,



Neon Knights,




I couldn't of done it without you, and I am forever grateful. With Rise to Action being such a great success there is the possibility of hosting one next year. This is dependent on what next year brings, and how much people actually enjoyed the evening enough to come back. Therefore if you would like for this to happen please let us know.

Keep rocking!