Wolf in the Night

It's finally time to get in gear and get into the studio. We'll be recording our new album "Wolf in the Night", which will be openly available to the public in 2020. More will be confirmed, and If you're interested, keep an eye out on our social media page. We'll no doubt be uploading "behind the scenes" footage.

An update with Rise to Action 2, we have 12 acts spanning a wide range of music. Which will be starting at 4 on the 5th October later this year. There's a lot that will be going on, so get yourself down for an amazing evening.

Finally, Micky has entered a trio, to make MJM (what is it with Micky and acronyms). This is an mainly for parties, offering nearly none stop music spanning 60's to modern day music. Keep an eye out, as who knows who'll be playing at the next party you go.

As always, keep on rocking!


(2019/Aug/28) - Metal Micky

Raise To Action

Raise To Action is back after its first successful fund raiser back in 2017. I'm extremely excited for it, and I hope you'll be able to make it. Once again we'll be raising money for Epilepsy Action, with a day and night of music. See the page, for more information.

As always.

Keep rocking!


(2019/May/01) - Metal Micky

MHG - Steady Start

The band have played Hernado's which was great fun, and I've been given the chance to play there yet again this May. I'm excited with the shortlist of songs for the set as it is about 3 hours long at the moment, so should be a show and a half.

Anime League's Manchester Anime and Gaming convention is in-between then, which I've been given a provisional time of 6pm on the Sunday. This is potentially going to change so keep a look out on the Facebook page.

We have another gig as a band at the Halliwell Jones Stadium. Despite only being acoustic, get ready to rock!

And as always.

Keep rocking!


(12/Dec/2018) - Metal Micky

MHG - Christmas and new year

First off, we wish you a rocking Christmas and new year!

Well I suppose this year is close to concluding. We're currently working to get more music, videos and content out during 2019. Through things out of our control we didn't get anything we wanted to get done, done. I do apologise for this, and I am hoping to rectify this in 2019.

We have another gig at Hernando's hideaway. I played solo there back in 2016, which was great fun, and we have had the opportunity to play again as a band. Once again I've been working with Anime League, who've allowed me to play a solo gig at their Manchester, Liverpool conventions and Al Con 2019. We have a couple of other gigs potentially coming through, which should be good. Hopefully I'll get to see all of you at these gigs.

Membership has finally got meaning. We have been handing out promotional gear along with a MHG membership card, which may allow more perks in the future at certain venues. We'll be looking into working with the local community to help each other whilst the country is going to pot.

Finally, we're working on getting MHG the album recorded and released this year. There may be a kick starter or something. Details will be released at a later date.

And as always.

Keep rocking!


(12/Dec/2018) - Metal Micky

MHG - New website

New design, new look, and hopefully it'll be better for everyone. Please let us know what you think of the new layout. Love it, like it, hate it, let us know.

However in the meantime.

Keep rocking!


(19/09/2018) - Metal Micky


​MHG - Rock on the road

Back to a trio as a strong formation. With the success of the HJ gig we have started to get gigs elsewhere. Micky is playing at Al Con in Leicester, and more look to be on the horizon. I'd like to thank everyone who has helped and everyone who has supported

Keep rocking!


(25/07/2018) - Metal Micky

MHG - The start of something big

So here we are, back on the road and better than ever. GET READY TO ROCK!

I'm excited to announce the first official gig of MHG. We'll be playing at the Halliwell Jones Stadium before the Rugby League match between the Warrington Wolves and Catalan Dragons on the 12th July. We're planning something big, to get the home fans in great mood before what is hoping to be a great game.


We will be under the south stand before the match, and joining in the fun in the south stand after the set.

Please note that free MHG T-shirts will be being passed around during the gig, whilst stock lasts.



Keep rocking!


(18/06/2018) - Metal Micky