The basics

We're a trio of musicians, being able to perform hours of music, with little to no breaks. That's right, no half hour breaks between sets, we just want to play.

We're ideal for parties where you want music throughout the night. From previous performances, we offered 3-4 hours of music!


Charity, birthdays, or celebrations, we're the party trio for you. 

We offer a wide range of genres, making sure no one is disappointing


(2019/Sep/23) - Metal Micky

How we work


Some may be wondering how we can last so long? Well as three individual artists, we play a few songs, then swap. This allows us to keep the music flowing whilst having a breather at the same time, and with the way we set up, the time for changing artist is cut to a nominal timing.


(2019/Sep/23) - Metal Micky